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Character Collection building awareness

Building a world filled with wacky and wild characters inspired by the ever evolving world around us and the imagination of a child CryptoKid.

CryptoKid and friend's day out.

Meeting Fewocious, and exploring London Life inspires art

ConeFairy the apex of evolutionary candy delight. A flying ice cream sundae in a strawberry storm of tropical wonderland. Born in the imagination of cryptokid and one of the many rainbow creatures of wonderland

The peak of human and machine evolution, transhumanism. Brainbox is the wizard of all knowing. The gate keeper into the metaworld . The lock to the unknown. Will BrianBox help our hero on her quest or is it the one to blame for her misfortune.

Meet GameBo a robotic bounty hunter, created from retro game consoles sent to destroy our hero. Now reprogrammed for good helping our hero protect her and our planet. Exploring the unknown metaworlds in search of peace and harmony

MetaGirl the oracle of the metaverse sent to guide our hero Rainbow Warrior as she dives into the digital realm..

born in the laboratory of a horror pet shop.A NeoGen genetically engineered half dog half shark. Enters the wild and wacky world of Rainbow Warrior

IceCream bear born in the imagination of cryptokid. Is one of the many rainbow creatures that roam wonderland a once peaceful utopia until now.

Character collection will be dropping soon the introduction to some of the characters from the Rainbow Warrior world. This is just the beginning.

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