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First Week in our journey to discovering our hero.

Rainbow warrior is a young girl living in a dystopian world filled with evils both human and creature that are consuming our planet and society. We are in search of our hero that has the right balance of cute and fearlessness. Born in a utopia wonderland filled with all the wonders one would desire. This world is in jeopardy by these dangers that consume us, Rainbow Warrior is here to fight for the change we need. Here are our concepts in the search for Rainbow Warrior. The community is now choosing the path we should take to help guide us to the next stage in this exploration.

This is the first design inspired by an image of Crypto kid. A Comic look at what Rainbow Warrior could be.

The second look at what our hero could be. A fearless battle-worn Rainbow warrior.

Exploring a middle ages Warrior here feels too old and not the right balance of cute and fearlessness.

Bring back a little more of the stylized cuteness

Exploring more of the cute in our designs. I like the juxtaposition of a cute hero in a world filled with hard and dark creatures in theme and design. Think Alice in wonderland in a dystopian cyberpunk-like world.

Exploring more on the cuteness in our designs.

The path we take next is now in the hands of the community. We have planted the seed of imagination. Have your say in which direction our hero Rainbow Warrior should go.

Leave your comments and be part of our creative process.

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