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Week 5 the good the bad and MetaGirl

Meet Blaze fire demon born in our oil fields. Feeding on the greed of human consumption. Set upon wonderland and our planet to destroy everything that gets in his path. Will he destroy wonderland and everything Rainbow Warrior cares for or will she fight for justice

Meet MetaGirl The oracle of the metaverse, sent here to guide Rainbow Warrior through these unknown domains. When Rainbow warrior leaves her world and enters the digital realm in search for answers. MetaGirl is here to guide our hero away from the rabbit holes of despair or maybe not. Have your say in our creative process. Let us know what direction MetaGirl should guide our hero.

Creating new evils for our Hero Rainbow Warrior to overcome. Our cast of characters are growing fast. Join our journey and have a say in our creative process.

sneak peak at RoboPig and the zombie Pigletts

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