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Week6 RoboPig, the Zombie piglets and Bitey

Meet RoboPig and the zombie piglets. Genetically engineered by the mad scientist of the industrial farming complex. Set on the destruction of all in a human bacon-eating frenzy? What do you think?

Scribble to life a look at the creation of RoboPig and the Zombie piglets Really having fun creating these evils characters that consume our planet and society. Building a world for Rainbow Warrior to explore

Meet Bitey Born in the laboratory of a horror pet shop. A Neo Gen, genetically engineered half dog, half shark enters the wild and wacky world of Rainbow Warrior Will our hero tame this beast or will it’s natural instincts take over.

Scribble to life Finding Bitey is a genetically engineered half dog, half-shark. What could go wrong?

The peak of human and machine evolution, Transhumanism. Meet BrainBox the wizard of all-knowing. Well, at least that’s what it thinks.!? Creating a world for all to see Have your say and join our journey.

we are starting to have a good cast of main characters. will work on the title and posters next I feel? Also contemplating releasing a limited edition mini 1/1 collection of these characters to kick off this series.

watch this space.

Also, we had a lot of fun creating some fan art for the GEvol art competition.

Cryptokid channeling the little devil within all of us.

Join our journey in the conception of an idea.

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