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Week9 Sales and Building

The creation of Rainbow-Nut a genetically modified Bunny spliced with the finest Strawberry doughnut of the land. Created in the imagination of cryptokid one of the many rainbow creatures that roam the candy fields of wonderland. A friend to Rainbow Warrior. The evolution of an idea.

Rainbow-Nut a sneak preview at our next collection 1/1 animated gifs introducing our main characters to the world.

Scribble to life the behind curtain peak of Rainbow-nut genetically engineered bunny doughnut!

Daddy daughter drawing time, my favourite pastime. Creating worlds with my little girl meet Unicake , the conception of an idea.

CryptoKids theme song for Unicake !

UniCake one of the many rainbow creatures from wonderland. A genetically engineered Kitten Unicorn cake of course! The world of Rainbow Warrior has another Sneak peek at our upcoming collection.

Scribble to life the creation of UniCake. A fierce rainbow creature born in wonderland a utopian land filled with fun and wacky characters Building a world and hero to fight the evils that consume our planet and society.

The last week has been a great step forward in building our community and our next collection. A mini-series of animated gifs introducing our characters to the world and the start of our adventures.

Our first drop of Rainbow Warrior series limited edition cover art dropped last week has sold 4 of the 10/10 so far. An exciting step in building community and awareness of Rainbow Warrior friends and foes.

Starting with the introduction of our hero characters, this is just the beginning, the fun starts from here. We are planning to create a series of 1/1 shorts all combining together to create a bigger narrative.Fractionalised pieces combining to creating a short pilot/pitch. First Introducing the characters of Rainbow Warrior to the world. The hero we need to fight the evils that are consuming our planet and society.

Thank you for joining our journey so far. We appreciate all your support and for believing in our dreams as we do.

Take care Peace

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