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Week_2 A Hero is Born

Rainbow Warrior

Combination of the community’s favorite picks.The right balance of cute and fearlessness. The juxtaposition of all things nice and the rage of a warrior to make things right. Our hero is born

A dreamer from a place called wonderland, a utopian world filled with all one could desire. A paradise occupied by Rainbow warrior and all her magical wacky creatures and friends untouched until now.

The warrior within her has been awakened

Crytpo kid has been exploring the idea of a giant plastic monster. That is consuming our planet, eating everything in its path, growing with every step it takes an unstoppable madness. We are starting to explore the world and stories our hero will endure. Educating our future of the disaster that is taking over her and our worlds

Plasticzilla is an unstoppable force that only Rainbow warriors can stop with your help.

Here is a concept for one of the mammoth beasts that Rainbow warrior will encounter.

We are building a hero and world with you our community. to entertain and educate the future. Teaching through our narratives to make a change for sustainability, climate awareness, and future technologies.

Sharing this process for all to see .

Join our journey

The conception of an idea.

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