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Week_3 Animation test and exploring new character

Scribble pass WIP audio and animation test. Sound on! Rainbow warrior was voiced by Crypto kid. Exploring our design in motion. The introduction of a hero. Sharing our process Bringing our characters to life.

First animation test for our Hero Meet Rainbow Warrior born in a utopian wonderland once untouched. Now she fights the evils that are consuming our planet and society. Good morning world a warrior is born

Meet GAMEBO a robotic hacker warrior made from the remains of 80’s video game consoles.

Sent from an alternate future to help guide Rainbow Warrior as she battles the evils that are consuming hers and our world.

Reprogrammed to help Rainbow Warrior in her quest to fight all the evils that are consuming our planet.

Or he could be a robotic assassin always just one foot behind our hero, moments away from her destruction

Sketch of GameBo

Have your say in the direction GameBo should take.

The force of good is strong here. Will the dark side pull GameBo or good overcome all evils.

70% of the community wants good so far. Reavle the direction Gamebo will take next week. Still, time to have your say

Join of journey

Conception of an idea

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