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Weeks 7-8 The Soft Drop.

Its been a busy few weeks both in my day job and this creation of our new world.

Currently, working on the remake of The little mermaid. An amazing experience working with such a talented group of artist can't wait to share it with the world. Still, a long way to go but it's going to blow people's minds.

The first drop for our Rainbow warrior series has dropped. A limited-edition 10/10 cover art introducing our world in a comic book cover style poster. Get in on the ground floor, this is just the beginning.

Scribble to life the creation of our first cover art for Rainbow Warrior. An animated series born in the imagination of Cryptokid, inspired by the world around us. It starts here.

Working on our next drop. A series of animated gifs introducing our characters to the world.

SNEAK PEAK at our next drop a 1/1 collection of animated gifs. Characters from the up-and-coming Rainbow Warrior series. RoboPig and the zombie piglets.

RoboPig and the zombie piglets.

Genetically engineered by the mad scientist of the industrial farming complex.

Set on the destruction of all in a human bacon-eating frenzy.

Another sneak peek at our next collection. Blaze a Fire demon born in our oil fields. Feeding on the greed of human consumption. Set upon wonderland and our planet to destroy everything that gets in his path

Will he destroy wonderland and everything Rainbow Warrior cares for Or will she fight for justice

Scribble to life a look at the creation of Blaze. Born from humanity’s greed in the depths of the oil fields. Here to destroy everything in his path.

Building a hero to entertain and educate the future fighting the evils that consume our planet and society.

Follow your dreams and start creating.

Thank you for joining our journey .

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