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Meet Our Characters


In the utopian world of wonderland, a young warrior has been born in the imagination of CryptoKid. Rainbow Warrior has the right balance of cute and fearlessness. The juxtaposition of all things nice and the rage of a warrior to make things right. Fighting the evils that consume our planet and society. A hero to entertain and educate the future.

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Untitled_Artwork 4 copy.jpg


ConeFairy is the evolutionary apex of candy delights. A flying ice cream funday is one of the many wacky creatures that roam the candy fields of wonderland. A once peaceful utopia until now.


RoboPig is a genetically engineered Pig gone wrong. Created in the laboratory of the industrial farming complex by the evil Food Corp. RoboPig and the zombie piglets are set on the destruction of the human race in a bacon eating frenzy.


GameBo built from the remains of 80's video game consoles. A Robotic hacker warrior sent from an alternate future, Reprogrammed to help Rainbow warrior as she battles the evils that consume her planet and ours

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MetaGirl the oracle of the metaverse sent to guide Rainbow warrior as she leaves her world and enters the digital. In search of answers unknown and the hope of saving her and our planet.

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UniCake is a fearless creature of wonderland. Part cake part kitty with a touch of a unicorn. Sweat and calm until her home is threatened. Roaming through wonderland, a land untouched by the evils that consume our planet and society until now.

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Bitey is a Neogen, genetically engineered creature. Half dog, half-shark. Created in the laboratory of the future pet-shop, domestication has gone wrong.
Fighting its natural instincts to bite!

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BrainBox the peak of human and machine evolution in Transhumanism. The wizard of all-knowing, well at least that's what it thinks

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Ice Cream Bears are a flock of bouncing jolly Rainbow creatures that roam the skies of wonderland.

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Rainbow Nut a genetically  modified  bunny crossed with a doughnut born in the candy fields of wonderland

Untitled_Artwork 5 copy 5.jpg


Blaze a FireDemon born in our oil fields of the wastelands. Feeding on the greed of human consumption. Set upon Wonderland and our planet to destroy everything in his path.

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Characters: Featured Work
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